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Document Management

Managing CAD and Other Electronic Documents

Librarian from JSSL is a document management system that provides you with  a systematic method for storing, locating, and keeping track of information that is valuable to your business.

CAD drawings, word processing files, spreadsheets, project management schedules and graphics files are now an integral feature in the working day of architects and engineers.

Engineers are increasingly relying on electronic storage of project documents with the resulting need for electronic document management systems that can be used to store, archive, and regulate access to documents.

It is unsafe to rely on tedious paper-based practices for managing access to CAD and other project documents.  Any failure to follow procedure can lead to loss of valuable project documents, and usually impact your timelines and costs.

Free Download

Librarian from JSSL is a powerful document management tool that has an amazingly simple Explorer style interface.  You can start using it today to:

  • Ensure that only one team member is making changes to a given drawing or document at the same time.
  • Keep track of all changes to a drawing or document.
  • Ensure immediate availability of each drawing or document to team members whether they are based in a single office or in different parts of the world.
  • Allow you to revert back to earlier versions of a document or drawing.
  • Provide secure long term storage of documents.
  • Allow you to organize your project documents in a structured manner.
  • Allow you to publish a snapshot of particular versions of drawings and documents when project milestones are reached.
  • Make it easier to collaborate with your team members.
  • Make it easier to reuse existing work.

Don't get caught out.  Make sure that you or other members of your team don't lose or overwrite valuable project documents.

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