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Download & Installation Instructions

Version 1.4 released October 1, 2002.

Click here if you experience installation problems.

When you click on the start download link below you will be asked whether you want to "Open the file" or "Save to disk". 

  • If you choose to "Open the file" Librarian will automatically start installing itself on your computer the moment the download completes.

  • If you choose "Save to disk" you will be given an opportunity to specify where on you disk to locate the downloaded file.  Once the download is complete you must start the install program yourself.  You can do this by double-clicking on the downloaded install program stored on your disk.

  • Each download includes a HTML User Guide. This is also available as a zipped (98K) and unzipped (282K) Word 97 document.

All Downloads are Self-Extracting files. Click on the option you wish to download.

Library Card, Server and Publisher Bundle (2.45MB)
Download Time at 56K: 7 Minutes 53 seconds
Library Card (1.4MB)
Download Time at 56K: 4 Minutes 55 seconds
Library Publisher (1.4MB)
Download Time at 56K: 4 Minutes 55 seconds
Library Server (1.11MB)
Download Time at 56K: 3 Minutes 59 seconds

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