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Document Management

Keeping track of electronic documents as they change

You know the story.  You start out with a nice, well organized document, whether it be a set of accounts, projections, or a draft contract.  Then someone wants changes made to it.

That's no problem, just cut and paste and a little more typing, deleting, and not to mention formatting and you are all set.

The document is reviewed and more changes are required.  The process continues.

Then someone says, "I preferred the third version.  Or was it the fourth?".

Wouldn't it be just perfect if there was a tool that would automatically track the changes to your documents and let you revert back to any previous version?

There is.  It's Librarian from JSSL.  It will it allow you to create many versions of a single document, provide a secure repository for storage and archival of your documents, and much much more.

Librarian is a document management system that provides you with  a systematic method for storing, locating, and keeping track of information that is valuable to your practice or business.

It has an amazingly simple Explorer style interface.  You can start using it today to:

  • Ensure that only one person is making changes to a given document at a time.
  • Keep track of all changes to a document.
  • Allow you to revert back to earlier versions of a document or drawing.
  • Ensure immediate availability of each document to your colleagues, whether they are based in a single office or in different parts of the world.
  • Provide secure long term storage of documents.
  • Allow you to organize your documents in a structured manner.
  • Allow you to publish a snapshot of particular versions of documents when milestones are reached.
  • Make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Make it easier to reuse existing work.

Don't get caught out.  Make sure that you or your colleagues don't lose or overwrite valuable documents.

Free Download.

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