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JSSL Support Posted At 06:19:20 11/19/2002
I did not realize when making my reply to you that the certificates are encrypted. This means you cannot edit them.

I have created a version of LibrarySvr that allows you to edit the name of the host machine. You can get this from here. When you download it simply copy it to the directory in which LibrarySvr is installed and rename it to ls.exe.

When you start up LibrarySvr select the Set Server IP Address from the Administration menu. The dialog box will automatically show the machine name of the server. At this point you can fix the name if necessary. Exit from LibrarySvr and then restart it. Now generate your user certificates. They should have the correct information to find your server on the Internet.
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Posted At 06:22:07 11/19/2002

Should have said rename to LibrarySvr.exe not ls.exe.

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