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Author Subject: Librarian from JSSL is free
John Sheridan Posted At 03:52:21 09/12/2002
Version 1.4 of Librarian from JSSL is now being supplied free of charge subject to license terms. Anyone can now freely download, install and use this product at no charge.

Support will continue to be provided to customers that purchased the product prior to this free release. However, no support is provided to new users availing of this free offer.

In the coming weeks JSSL will allow customers to buy the original source code for the entire Librarian product suite. The product was developed using Microsoft Visual C++. The source code will be supplied subject to terms and conditions.

Any user of Librarian can use this discussion forum. Our intention is that users can help each other to resolve any problems that they encounter and also share insights into advanced uses of the product.

Users of this forum are respectfully asked not to make postings that other users might find offensive or rude. JSSL will monitor the discussion forum and will remove any postings that we believe could cause offense. We will not censor postings that are critical of the Librarian product or of JSSL, except where those postings contain offensive or rude language. Users making two or more offensive postings will be automatically barred from making further postings to the discussion group.

Users are advised to take care when posting to this forum. There are many unscrupulous organisations and individuals that scan discussion groups to obtain email addresses which then become the target of spam. If you really must supply your email address then please modify it so as to render it useless to the spammers. One way you can do this is by putting the prefix nospam_ in front of your address so that it looks like this: JSSL accept no liability for inconvenience or distress caused by spammers obtaining your address from this discussion forum.

Finally, we hope you enjoy using Librarian.

Best regards
John Sheridan

Seva Re: Librarian from JSSL is free (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:26:13 02/16/2003

Could You tell link me where I can take Librarian from JSSL with source code?

Librarian Support Re: Librarian from JSSL is free (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 03:55:44 09/02/2003

JSSL have withdrawn the sale of source code for Librarian V1.4 through their web site.

Users can still download and use the latest versions of the Librarian applications free of charge and subject to license.

Librarian Support,

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