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Librarian Support Posted At 08:36:08 05/15/2003
LibraryCard and LibraryCardPublisher clients basically tie your Windows system login to a certificate on a given workstation. This allows each user of a given workstation to have independent access to the Library or libraries. When they startup LibraryCard/Publisher their Windows login details are used to find the correct certificate on the workstation and this is then used to log them on to the Library. So, one installation of LibraryCard/Publisher can support multiple users on a given machine. All communications between LibraryCard/Publisher and the Library are then encrypted using a key that is unique to the certificate. This provides a good level of security for Internet users.

The down side of all of this is that if a given user wants to access the library through a different workstation then they have to have a separate certificate for that workstation. This means that you have to employ multiple accounts on LibrarySvr for a single individual, one for each workstation through which they will access the Library.

Groups have not been implemented yet. I don't have a date for when they will be available.

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