Re: Access to Srv which install in one workstation

Author Subject: Re: Access to Srv which install in one workstation
Librarian Support Posted At 09:59:22 06/12/2003
Hi Sandy
Check "User Administration" on LibrarySvr to see if your colleague's account is locked out. If it is then highlight his account name in the list and click on the "Toggle Lock Status" button. This will unlock his account and should give him normal access to the library.
If this is not the problem then I suggest that you generate a new certificate for his account and have him import it into LibraryCardPublisher.
One last thing to check is that he may be successfully logged in to the library but cannot see the up to date contents of the library. Try double-clicking with the right mouse button on the library root. This is the top entry in the list of projects in LibraryCardPublisher.
Let us know if this helps resolve the problem.
Librarian Support.

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