Re: Access to Srv which install in one workstation

Author Subject: Re: Access to Srv which install in one workstation
Librarian Support Posted At 03:24:33 06/13/2003
Hi Sandy
It is normal for LibraryCardPublisher to disconnect a user within a few seconds if their security certificate cannot be properly validated by LibrarySvr. So it seems that the problem is about the certificate for this user.

When you issued a new certificate for this user did he then import the new certificate into his copy of LibraryCardPublisher? One problem that we have encountered is that users accidentally import the old certificate rather than the new one that was just generated. This results in exactly the behaviour that you are describing.

What we suggest is that you once again change the user status to unlocked. Generate yet another certificate for this user. The file name of the certificate will include the date and time of creation of the certificate. Get the user to import this new certificate into LibraryCardPublisher and then try and access the library again. Make sure he is importing the newest certificate that you create, otherwise you will run into the same problem again.

If this does not resolve the problem let us know and we will try and identify any other issues that might be causing this problem.

Librarian Support

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