Can not view ldocuments / folder in library

Author Subject: Can not view ldocuments / folder in library
Rajiv Grover Posted At 17:14:40 07/01/2003
I have installed and configured library server on my nt server and also changed the root to point to my source code folder.

When I log in from another desktop (uid / cert created and imported) I can open the library BUT it does not show / display any of the folders / documents existing in my source code directory (which was mapped on the server as Root).

Am I missing a setup step?


Rajiv Grover
Librarian Support Re: Can not view ldocuments / folder in library (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:19:48 07/15/2003

Hi Rajiv,

Apologies for the delay in responding to your post.

The basic configuration steps are as follows:

1. On LibrarySvr set the library root to an empty directory. This directory will be used to hold all of the documents and files that you add to the library.

2. On LibraryCard / Publisher set the mapping between a local directory on your computer and the library root. This would normally be your projects top level working directory.

3. Add projects and files to the library using LibraryCard / Publisher. If you are loading the library for the first time you should copy the contents of your existing source code library to your working area (or to another temporary area) and add it to the library from there.

4. After the projects and files have been added to the library they can then be accessed from installations of LibraryCard / Publisher on other computers. Just double click with the RIGHT mouse button on the library root from the computer you want to access the library from. This causes LibraryCard / Publisher to get an updated view of the library contents.

5. As users add and modify projects and files in the library the views on other computers will need to be refreshed. Again this is done by double clicking with the right mouse button on the library root to get an updated listing of all projects in the library. You can also double click with the right mouse button on any given project in the library to get an updated listing of all files in the project.

Hope this helps. If you need further assistance let us know. We will respond much more quickly next time.

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