Re: Trouble connection across the internet

Author Subject: Re: Trouble connection across the internet
JSSL Support Posted At 05:38:18 11/19/2002
If you are running LibrarySvr on a server directly accessible from the internet then you only have to specify the port address. LibrarySvr uses its hostname automatically. Both hostname and port should be picked up by the client from the certificate. We have encountered some problems with the automatic hostname feature. Sometimes it fails to identify the full hostname. So for example if your host is MYHOST.COM this is determined to be simply MYHOST. The .COM is lost. This is okay in a LAN environment but not on the Internet. If this is happening with you (you can tell from the Machine Name field on the main LivrarySvr screen) then you must manually edit the certificate before issue to a client to have the correct Internet address.

If you are running it behind a firewall then you have to manually edit the certificate to specify the hostname and port that your firewall present for listening. Obviously your firewall must be configured to allow traffic to the port through. The firewall must also be configured to perform port translation from your firewall listening port to your server listening port.

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