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Software Development

As a software development professional you will already have a strong appreciation of the need for effective management and tracking of changes to your program source code.

If you work alone you have probably often wished for a secure repository for all of your valuable work.

If you work in a group you also need effective controls on access to source code files.

Almost every source code control system and configuration management system available today will fulfil these very basic needs.

In the real world, however,  you need more.  A lot more.  You need to be able to manage and maintain multiple versions of your applications.  You want the peace of mind of knowing you can recreate any version of your applications on demand.

Librarian from JSSL packs everything you need to manage your source code, and all other document types, into a versatile and easy to use application. 

Download Library Card, Server and Publisher Bundle

Click on any of these topics that interest you for more information on how Librarian can help you.

I need to maintain multiple versions of an application.

I have multiple applications that share common source files.

I need the ability to manage both internal and external releases of software.

I need to create patches to any version of my application without affecting earlier or later versions.

I need to consolidate a version of my software and one or more of the patches to it to a new release.

I need the ability to merge the software modules used in two or more applications or versions of an application.

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