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I need to maintain multiple versions of an application

Librarian from JSSL makes maintaining multiple versions of an application easy.  Librarian incorporates comprehensive publishing capabilities that allow you to create and maintain a software release.

The cornerstone of the Librarian offering is Editions and Supplements.  You can publish any collection of folders and versions of source code or other documents to an edition.  Once published, the edition is clearly visible on screen to all Librarian users.  Users can navigate the folders of the edition, retrieve documents, check-out documents, check-in documents, and even add new folders and documents to the edition. 

Don't worry, Librarian never loses track of the original contents of the edition, so you can always retrieve exactly what you published with just three mouse clicks.

When you first publish an edition all of the documents contained within the edition are actually represented as references to the original source documents.

You may add more documents to the edition, as either references or actual documents.  These documents, however, are not marked as original members of the edition.  This means that you have the option of retrieving the edition as it originally was published or as it stands after modification.

When you check-out documents from the edition you are provided with four powerful branching options.

  • Check-out this document only
  • Check-out this document and all documents referenced by it
  • Check-out this document and all documents referencing it
  • Check-out this document and all references to and by it

These branching options give you all of the power you need to determine the relationship between an edition of your software and all other versions of your software.  And just in case you created a new branch by mistake you can pick-up any version of a document from a folder and drag it to any other folder.  So, with a simple drag and drop operation you can merge two branches of a document.

Once you have published an edition you inevitably need to make changes to it.  Your changes may include anything from bug fixes to new features.  You may decide that you need to create an entire new release of your software, or you may prefer to issue a patch or supplementary release which contains only a portion of your application.

For an entire new release you simply publish a new edition.

For a supplementary release you can publish a supplement to an edition.  The supplement can contain any combination of folders and document versions from the edition.  In addition, the supplement can include folders and documents that are not part of the edition.

You can publish as many supplements to an edition as you wish.

You can even consolidate an edition and one or more of its supplements to a new edition.

Download Library Card, Server and Publisher Bundle

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