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Document Management

I have multiple applications that share common source files.

Librarian from JSSL allows you to create references to documents in another folder.  This feature is easy to use.  Just pick up the folders or document versions that you want to create references to, and drag them to the folder that you want to hold the references.

You can use this feature to share common source files among two or more applications.  When you maintain one application you have the option of rolling your changes into the other applications that share the same source file or deciding that the changes are to be specific to only the application you are working on.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to use this feature.

Download Library Card, Server and Publisher Bundle

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I need to maintain multiple versions of an application.

I have multiple applications that share common source files.

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I need to create patches to any version of my application without affecting earlier or later versions.

I need to consolidate a version of my software and one or more of the patches to it to a new release.

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