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I need the ability to manage both internal and external releases of software.

Managing internal releases of your software is just as critical as managing external releases.

The most common driver for internal releases of software is testing.  All applications must go through numerous test cycles before external release.  Ideally you would use the same version labelling system for internal releases as you use for external releases.

Many of you will have experienced the drudgery of labelling software modules for a release.  Librarian takes the drudgery out of the process by using an inference engine to determine your release requirements.  All you have to do is check that it has marked exactly what you want to publish.  This process takes only a few minutes.

With Librarian from JSSL you can publish your initial release of test software to an edition.  You can make as many supplementary releases of test software until you are ready to cut an external release.  Then all you have to do is consolidate the edition and all of its supplements to a new edition which will be your external release.  It couldn't be easier.

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I need to maintain multiple versions of an application.

I have multiple applications that share common source files.

I need the ability to manage both internal and external releases of software.

I need to create patches to any version of my application without affecting earlier or later versions.

I need to consolidate a version of my software and one or more of the patches to it to a new release.

I need the ability to merge the software modules used in two or more applications or versions of an application.

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